Communion Celebration

At WVNaz we celebrate Communion (The Lord's Supper) on the last Sunday of the month. Communion is open to all who confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and changes to our church schedule, we will be offering communion via Facebook on Sunday, March 29. This will involve utilizing whatever elements you have in your home to serve as the body (bread) and blood (juice) of Christ. Pastor Mike will say a prayer of consecration and blessing by proxy over the elements that you choose to use in your home. This prayer will be part of the opening video of our service, and we are going to attempt to also link that video onto our website under "Online Service Links".

If you would prefer for Pastor's Mike and Larry to come and serve communion to you or your family this week or next, please reach out to us. Pastor Mike can be reached by any of the following means: phone/text at 907-521-8390, email at, or by sending a message to the church through Facebook.